1. Do you ship your puppies?

    We do ship.  Shipping a puppy is an additional 325.00.  This includes its plane ticket, vet check-up, kennel, and a 25.00 fuel charge because we live 2 hours from the closest airport.

  2. Can I find my own shipping?

    We actually have quite a few customers who fly into Denver and drive out to Stratton to get their puppy and then fly back home with their pup as a carry on.  If you chose to get your won shipping the puppy would need to be paid for in full before it leaves our home.  We have the right to decide if the shipper is adequate or not.

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Puppy Health

  1. WIll my puppy be up to date on vaccinations?

    Your puppy will have at least 2 shots prior.  It will have been wormed at least twice as well.

  2. When will I need to take my puppy to the vet for its first check-up?

    Your puppy needs to meet the vet at least by the time it is ready for its next shot.  Puppy boosters should be given every 3 to 4 weeks.  Some vets say that 3 series of shots is good enough but we reccomend 4 series.

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